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Contractors - stakeholders of central importance 

Neova Group’s suppliers must be committed to compliance with Neova’s Code of Conduct and the requirements specified therein. Neova Group Supplier Code of Conduct was updated in 2019. The Supplier Code of Conduct(CoC) is an important part of our sustainability and we need to ensure that our suppliers share our values in this. We have extended the scope of monitoring of accidents and safety observations also to our contractors.

In peat production peak season 2021 in Finland alone we have 100 main contractors with roughly 750 people including their employees or sub-contractors, and approximately 80 peat transportation contractors plus 150 contractors in other operations.

During 2020 we updated the Supplier CoC signature with 119 suppliers. Our target for CoC coverage includes those 137 suppliers with whom the annual business value exceeds EUR 300,000 and their CoC signature was from before 1.1.2018. During 2021 Supplier CoC is implemented to all new purchasing contracts.



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