Vapo Oy’s name changed to Neova Oy May 6, 2021. The Business ID remains unchanged. Read more


Customer relationships built on interaction and confidence

Our customer relationships are based on open interaction and confidence. We actively collect feedback from our customers, which we use to guide our efforts to offer quality products and services that meet their needs. Depending on the business area, customers include consumers, businesses and organisations.

We seek flexible relationships with all our customers. Their needs and hopes, and the feedback they give, are all carefully taken into consideration. Our operations are based on open interaction, and the company seeks to work as a local partner. The local culture and business environment are taken into consideration in the different countries.

Confidence between the customer and company forms the basis for a sustainable business relationship. This confidence is strengthened by on-time deliveries, clear invoicing and innovative and safe products that meet the customer’s needs.




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