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Neova Wetland Live Camera

Neova has established numerous wetlands in former peat production areas. A live camera has been installed in one of the wetlands, with which you can relax by watching the diverse life of the wetland and listening to the livery of birds in the nightless night.

Osprey Cam Ilomantsi Finland

The Ilomantsi osprey cam provides live footage of ospreys inhabiting a natural nest. Ilomantsi is the easternmost municipality of Finland and the continental part of the EU. The nesting birds are called Manta (female) and Manu (male). The project is implemented by the North Karelia Ornithological Association and the Ilomants Tourism Association and is made possible by Neova and Tornator. The camera has been granted an exemption from conservation regulations concerning osprey VAR-ELY-1108-2018 in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act. It also has permission from the landowner.