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About us

Pekka Tennilä
with Neova since 12/2023

Jukka Holm
Director CIO, (Chief Information Officer)
with Neova since 10/2017

Petri Järvinen
Chief Supply Chain Officer, SCM
with Neova since 04/2018

Pasi Koivisto
Director, Fuels & Real Estate Development
with Neova since 05/2008

Peter Jan Kuiper
COO, Kekkilä-BVB
with Neova since 01/2019

Ahti Martikainen
Director, Group Communications & Public Affairs
with Neova since 06/2011

Jaakko Myllymäki
Business Area Director, Novactor
with Neova since 01/2018

Jenni Nevasalo
Chief HR Officer
with Neova since 01/2019-

Johan Nybergh
Chief Legal Officer, (Secretary of the Group Management Team)
with Neova since 09/2018

Jarmo Santala
Chief Finance Officer, CFO
with Neova since 07/2018

Mia Suominen
Chief Innovation Officer, NB Neova Innovation
with Neova since 02/2006

The members of the Group Management Team do not hold any shares in Neova Oy or its subsidiaries.