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The Annual General Meeting of Neova Oy annually appoints a Supervisory Board consisting of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 members elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of one year in the manner specified in the Shareholders’ Agreement between the company’s owners. The meetings of the Supervisory Board are also attended by three employee representatives elected by the personnel for a term of two years at a time.

The Supervisory Board operates according to the Limited Liability Companies Act and the Articles of Association, and is tasked with the following:

  1. Supervise the administration of the company managed by the Board of Directors and the CEO.
  2. Issue a statement to the Annual General Meeting on the financial statements and the auditor’s report.
  3. Issue instructions and directions to the Board of Directors on far-reaching, essential and significant matters.
  4. Issue a statement to the General Meeting on issues that require a statement by the Supervisory Board as per the Limited Liability Companies Act.

FY 2022 Neova Oy’s Annual General Meeting held on 29 March 2022 appointed the following as members of the Supervisory Board: Harri Hietala, Antti Häkkänen, Heikki Miilumäki, Eero Kubin, Esko Kurvinen, Mauri Peltokangas, Jenni Pitko, Piritta Rantanen, Juha Sipilä and Mikael Venäläinen. Juha Sipilä was appointed as Chairman and Heikki Miilumäki as Vice Chairman. The Supervisory Board convened three times during the financial year 2022. The members’ attendance in the meetings of the Supervisory Board is shown in the table below. Key themes and issues dealt with by the Supervisory Board included security of supply related matters.

The members of the Supervisory Board do not hold any shares in Neova Oy or its subsidiaries and they are independent of the company and its major shareholders.

Information on the compensation of the members of the Supervisory Board is provided in the section Remuneration of Senior Management.

in the meetings 2022
Juha Sipilä (b. 1961)
Chairman, Member of Parliament 01/2020-
Heikki Miilumäki (b. 1946)
Vice Chairman D.Sc. (Tech.)(h.c.) 9/2009-
Harri Hietala (b. 1958) Member, Master of Laws 3/2022-2/2
Antti Häkkänen (b. 1985)
Member, Member of Parliament 10/2019-
Eero Kubin (b. 1948)
Member, Professor 9/2009-
Esko Kurvinen (b. 1952)
Member, Engineer 9/2009-
Tommi Lunttila (b. 1976)
Member, agricultural and forestry entrepreneur 8/2014-3/2022
Mauri Peltokangas (b. 1966)
Member, Member of Parliament 10/2019-
Jenni Pitko (b. 1986)
Member, Member of Parliament 10/2019-
Piritta Rantanen (b. 1962)
Member, Member of Parliament 10/2019-
Tiina Snicker (b. 1966)
Member, Financial Manager 8/2014-3/2022
Mikael Venäläinen (b. 1971) Member, M.Sc. (econ.) 3/2022-2/2