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Greenhouse gas emissions

We reduce CO2 equivalent emissions in our own operations and in our value chain.

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We increase biodiversity by restoring for example by re-wetting or afforestation 2,000 hectares during 2021–2025 in collaboration with local stakeholders. Our biodiversity programme aims to increase biodiversity.

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Our target is to progress towards our zero-waste by 2030 goal by increasing material efficiency, utilising recycled materials in our operations, and implementing efficient recycling of our waste streams.

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Our main target is to reduce solid matter, nitrogen and phosphorous effluents in peat harvesting by 75% in Finland by 2025.

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Environmental sustainability

In 2021 we updated a common Neova Group sustainability strategy including our goals for environmental sustainability covering greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, circulatory and water. As part of this work, we also defined a Green Factory concept with 2025 goals & key performance indicators for Kekkilä-BVB, Peat & Sphagnum, Pellet  and Activated Carbons operations.

Each of our businesses has an environmental sustainability programme which specifies the most significant annual improvement targets to move towards our Green Factory concept.

Overall, management system certification, covering both ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environment, helps coordinate and direct our activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and focus on continuously improving our operations, effectiveness, and efficiency. In addition, our sustainability concept for peat in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, is especially aimed for our customers and stakeholders relating to new businesses.

We support the growth of our people and partners

Our renewed group wide sustainability strategy includes our goals for social sustainability, covering safety, the workplace and our partners. Health and safety is our first priority.

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We ensure profitability in a sustainable way

Our local impact as an employer, taxpayer and buyer of products and services is significant, particularly in our main operating countries of Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

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