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Sustainability guides our business

Our sustainability goal is to become a net positive company. Being net positive means that we contribute more to the world than we take from it. Continuous renewal is our resource. We are committed to continuously improving our operations and developing our environmental work.

For us, sustainability is not a competition. We are happy to share our expertise in the area of green growth and collaborate with various research institutes and leading companies around the world. Saving the world is a team sport. One goal at a time.

9.11.2021 News Press release #biodiversity #sustainability

Neova restorates 1,000 hectares of old peat production areas in Estonia

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Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability aim is to make us a net positive company by considering the impact of our operations, products and services on environment, health, society, and knowledge.

Sustainability is in the core of our strategy and purpose.  Our  sustainability objectives and long-term goals focus on two areas:

  • we take care of the environment 
  • we take care of the wellbeing of our employees.

We are committed to minimize the harmful environmental impacts of our operations. We are committed to zero accidents and we have zero tolerance to inappropriate behaviour and discrimination.

Sustainability strategies and roadmaps are in place and systematically executed for each business in line with customer needs and guided also by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We take care of the environment

Aiming towards carbon neutral society

Our target is to halve the carbon dioxide emissions of our operations in Finland by the year 2025, without compensation. So far we have reduced them by 18%.

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Supporting biodiversity

Our biodiversity program aims to promote the consideration of biodiversity in sites under active production use through concrete measures. In this way, the burden on nature caused by production can be mitigated already during production.

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Boosting circular economy

Our target is to progress towards our zero-waste by 2030 goal by increasing material efficiency, utilizing recycled materials in our operations, and implementing efficient recycling of our waste streams.

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Minimizing impacts on water sources

Our main target is to reduce solid matter, nitrogen and phosphorous effluents in peat harvesting by 75% in Finland by 2025 from 2008 levels.

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We take care of the wellbeing of our employees

We are committed to zero accidents

Our goal is to offer our employees, partners, and visitors a safe, healthy working environment by using methods that prevent injuries and accidents and promote well-being at work.

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We have zero tolerance to inappropriate behaviour and discrimination

We measure discrimination and inappropriate behaviour to pay attention to one of our core values, “Trust through respect”.

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Latest sustainability news


Neova restorates 1,000 hectares of old peat production areas in Estonia


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