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Invoicing information

This section contains information about invoicing addresses of Neova Group’s companies. At Neova Group, we primarily accept e-invoices.

The name of the invoice processor indicated by the subscriber must appear as a reference on the invoice.

Invoicing details

Our online invoicing operator for all companies is Pagero.

Operator: PAGERO
Operator ID: 003723609900

Neova Oy
Organization number: 0174817-6
VAT number: FI01748176
E-invoice ID: 003701748176
Peppol ID: 0216:003701748176

Kekkilä- BVB Oy
Organization number: 0558734-9
VAT number: FI05587349
E-invoice ID: 003705587349
Peppol ID: 0216:003705587349

Vapo Terra Oy
Organization number: 3311755-5
VAT number: FI33117555
E-invoice ID: 003733117555
Peppol ID: 0216:003733117555

G&C Materials Oy
Organization number: 2955790-2
VAT number: FI29557902
E-invoice ID: 003729557902
Peppol ID: 0216:003729557902

AS Tootsi Turvas
Organization number: 10021374
VAT number: EE100124080
E-invoice ID: EE100124080
Peppol ID: 9931:EE100124080

Neova AB
Organization number: 556151-6708
VAT number: SE556151670801
E-invoice ID: SE556151670801
Peppol ID: 0007:5561516708

G&C Materials Germany GmbH
Organization number: HRB 121497
VAT number: DE812782635
E-invoice ID: HRB 121497
Peppol ID: 9930:DE812782635

Kekkilä-Brill Substrate GmbH
Organization number: HRA 130111
VAT number: DE117043558
E-invoice ID: DE117043558
Peppol ID: 9930:DE117043558

Kekkilä-BvB Eesti OÜ
Organization number: 10980212
VAT number: EE101545079
E-invoice ID: EE101545079
Peppol ID: 9931:EE101545079

Kekkilä-BVB Gardening B.V.
E-invoice address NL803816182B01
Peppol ID: 9944:NL803816182B01
Service provider ID: 003723609900 or PAGERO

Kekkilä-BVB De Lier B.V.
E-invoice address NL007617719B01
Peppol ID: 9944:NL007617719B01
Service provider ID: 003723609900 or PAGERO

BVB Gardening GmbH
E-invoice address DE812782635
Peppol ID: 9930:DE812782635
Service provider ID: 003723609900 or PAGERO

Kekkilä-BVB Grubbenvorst B.V.
E-invoice address NL001555984B01
Peppol ID: 9944:NL001555984B01
Service provider ID: 003723609900 or PAGERO

Hasselfors Garden AB
Organization number: 556665-1823
VAT number: SE556665182301
E-invoice ID: SE556665182301
Peppol ID: 0007:5566651823

Algomin AB
Organization number: 556649-5270
VAT number: SE556649527001
E-invoice ID: SE556649527001
Peppol ID: 0007:5566495270