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Sustainable growing


Kekkilä-BVB is one of Europe’s leading companies in professional growing and the largest producer of horticultural peat. We provide products and services for the professional growers and home gardeners, landscapers, horticultural raw material customers and bedding peat customers worldwide.

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Renewable fuels

Wind and solar power

We are developing wind and solar power, especially in our former peat production areas and their immediate surroundings.

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High-quality, renewable and reliable wood pellets are ideal for fueling large power plants and for heat production in properties and homes of all sizes. We sell Neova’s Finnish pellets under the Vapo brand.

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Land areas

We offer multipurpose land areas for rent from different parts of Finland such as former peat production areas, bog bottoms, forest farms and wetland areas.

Green innovations

Activated carbon

The use of activated carbon is an effective method in purifying air and water – the necessities for everyday living – and cleaning our environment. The global demand for activated carbon products is growing due to increasing pollution caused by global population growth. Novactor is a new activated carbon producer in Europe entering the growing activated carbon market with a high-quality product portfolio.

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We are dedicated to solving global challenges related to efficient food production and the welfare of humans and animals with high-performance humic acid products.

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