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Our goal is a committed and wellbeing personnel.

The main goals of our sustainability program are to take good care of both our environment and our employees. It is the duty of every Neova employee to become acquainted with the principles of sustainable development and to strengthen our skills to safeguard biodiversity.

We promote equality and inclusion in our work community by respecting everyone as their own, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, age or sexual orientation. We believe that the diversity of people increases the performance of our organization in the short and long term.

We improve the wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders through good management and social sustainability. We conduct surveys and inquiries to stay up-to-date on our employees ’readiness for change, wellbeing and commitment. Our wellbeing team organizes various activities and campaigns throughout the year to promote the ways to improve wellbeing and to help achieving a successful work-life balance.

Our occupational safety goal is to have zero accidents per year. We monitor closely internal safety observations and take immediate action to correct the situation if necessary. Regular safety trainings ensure that we are all aware of the risks and potential problems both in and out of the workplace.