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We are an international work community of about 900 Neovans. We have environmental specialists, researchers, project and operation managers, as well as experts in marketing, sales, process and system development, logistics, financial management and customer service. Most of us are placed in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Estonia, but we have colleagues in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the USA and China as well.

Here you can read the career stories of individual Neovans.

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Aiming for a greener, happier and healthier world

Sustainability Manager Folkert Moll from the Netherlands loves a challenge. In his work at Kekkilä-BVB, Folkert solves complex problems related to the circular economy and carbon footprint, while in his free time he challenges himself by swimming in cold water and testing his endurance in cycling events.

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Keys to successful gardening

Gardening lover Jeanette Brorsson-Ekelund works as Marketing Specialist at Hasselfors Garden, with a particular focus on trade marketing and retail communication. Both of her parents made their living by flying from place to place, so it’s no wonder her career has been an adventure from country to country. Now, however, Jeanette has settled in her home in Örebro, Sweden, and is immensely happy with her life just as it is.

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Developing a more sustainable world

Mika Timonen realised the potential of refining peat into activated carbons that can be used to purify, among other things, water and air. Five years ago that innovation was just another entry on his list of 10 new business ideas. In 2020, the most modern activated carbon plant will be completed in Ilomantsi and Mika, now working as a Business Development Manager at Vapo Carbons, is already thinking of new innovations.

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Focusing on environmental work

Environmental Manager Evelin Krekker likes walking in nature, taking water samples from the bog and raising Estonian women to be brave and independent. She thinks that everything is possible and that you learn from mistakes. Evelin develops her expertise by learning new things at work every day.

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From a tiger’s leap to activated carbon

Enni Pekkalin started her career at Vapo as a seasonal worker, an environmental inspector in the Eastern region, in 2010. Studying to become an environmental technology engineer, Enni was so impressed by peat production as a working environment that, after graduation, a position as a Planning Specialist in Eastern Finland seemed like the natural next step.

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An active self-challenger and developer on his way to leadership

The ten years Jussi Kankainen has spent building his career at the Vapo Group have taken Jussi through a diverse path from one business and duty to another. The journey has enabled Jussi to advance to a supervisory role and achieve extensive competence in many different sectors. This man who lately moved from Tampere to Ylöjärvi has not been intimidated by the rapid changes. He considers himself a bit of an extreme-type person who gets pumped up by new challenges and self-development.

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