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Neova is developing multiple wind and solar power projects in various locations across Finland with over 1 GW portfolio. In project development, we utilize the land released from Neova’s own peat production. Most of the projects are hybrid projects that combine the benefits of wind and solar power. Our current strategy is to develop wind and solar projects to the Ready-to-Build stage.

Former peat production areas are very well suited for the wind and solar power construction and electricity production, as the sites are often far from residential areas and already have a good load-bearing road network. Those are areas of modified land use where the environmental impact of construction is lower compared for example to projects conducted solely on forestry land. The former peat production sites are also large and relatively flat areas with low tree canopy.

One significant benefit of wind and solar power production is the economic benefit it brings to local communities. Wind and solar projects create jobs, property tax revenue for the municipalities and rental income for the landowners.

Solar Power projects

  • Seven published solar power projects in development.
  • 15,000 hectares of Neova’s own land areas have potential for several thousand megawatts of solar power.
  • We focus on industrial-scale solar power plants.

Wind power and Hybrid projects

  • Four published hybrid projects in development.
  • One project consisting only wind power.
  • One joint-project consisting off-grid wind power and e-methanol plant.
  • Wind power is seen as very potential form of secondary land use for many peat bogs.
  • Old peat production areas have a load-bearing road network and are often located far from residential areas.
  • Solar and wind power complement well each other.
  • Wind measurements are ongoing in three project areas with measurement masts of ca. 175 meters height.

Several other wind and solar project sites are currently under preliminary study and land lease negotiations.

Our Wind and hybrid projects

Project Municipality WTGs Nominal power (MW) Status
1. Konnunsuo
(Metsähallitus co-operation)
Pyhäntä 27-34 Wind: 162-340 Land use planning and EIA started 2022
2. Kairineva Halsua/Kokkola 19-22 Wind: 133-220
Solar: 60-200
Land use planning and EIA started 2022
3. Palloneva Kauhajoki 10-14 Wind: 70-140
Solar: 70-90
Land use planning and EIA started 2022
4. Kynkäänsuo Oulu 12-15 Wind: 84-150
Solar: 30-70
Land use planning and EIA started 2022
5. Kaijansuo Karstula 6-8 Wind: 42-80
Solar: 25-65
Land use planning and EIA started 2022
6. Näätäaapa
(ETFuels co-operation)
Ranua 40-52 Wind: 280-520
E-methanol plant: 100 kt
Preparing for LUP initiative


Our Solar power projects

Project name Municipality Nominal power (MW) Status
7. Laviassuo Heinola 5 Permitting process ongoing
8. Torvmossen Kotka 35 Permitting process ongoing
9. Isoneva Suonenjoki 50 Proceeding to permitting process
10. Lamminneva Lappajärvi/Lapua 60 Defining permitting process/
Environmental studies
11. Pihlassuo Joutsa 80 Defining permitting process/
Environmental studies
12. Kurkisuo Suonenjoki 80 Defining permitting process/
Environmental studies
13. Mekrijärvensuo Ilomantsi 140 Defining permitting process


Sustainable project development

Sustainability guides our wind and solar power development. Neova is a fully Finnish-owned company. We listen carefully to stakeholders and take into account the special characteristics of the regions in project development. We take care of comprehensive studies and impact assessments, implement zoning procedure and apply for the necessary building and regulatory permits before the actual construction. The aim of this carefully designed and sustainable process is to enable a wind and solar project to generate electricity at the best possible profitability, taking into account the environmental and social impacts. The business model for each project will be decided at a later stage.

ISO certificated project development

Neova's wind and solar development business has been granted ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificates in accordance with management system standards. The certificates prove that Neova's wind and solar power projects are developed with high quality and that the project development meets the requirements of the standards.

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Local knowledge as a strength

The strength of the Neova lies in its long history of peat production in many areas, which makes Neova already a familiar partner for many landowners. Neova's experts working locally in peat production play an important role in project development providing solid knowledge of the environmental issues, surrounding activities and road network in the project areas.

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