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About us

Juha Sipilä, Member of Parliament

Vice Chairman
Heikki Miilumäki, D.Sc. (Tech.) h.c.

Antti Häkkänen, Member of Parliament
Eero Kubin, Professor
Esko Kurvinen, Engineer
Tommi Lunttila, Agriculture and forestry entrepreneur
Mauri PeltokangasMember of Parliament
Jenni Pitko, Member of Parliament
Piritta Rantanen, Member of Parliament
Tiina Snicker, Financial Manager

According to the Supervisory Board’s assessment the following members of the Supervisory Board are not independent of the major shareholders due to being Members of the Finnish Parliament: Antti Häkkänen, Mauri Peltokangas, Jenni Pitko and Piritta Rantanen.