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Kekkilä-BVB is one of Europe’s leading companies in professional growing and the largest producer of horticultural peat. We provide products and services for the professional growers and home gardeners, landscapers, horticultural raw material customers and bedding peat customers worldwide.

Global growers use our well-known growing media products trading under the names of BVB Substrates and Kekkilä Professional. We are a market leader in the Nordic countries with our well established Kekkilä Garden, Hasselfors Garden and Algomin brands. In Central Europe, our well known landscaping and consumer brands are BVB Landscaping, Jardino and Florentus.

Professional growing

We offer specialised, high-quality growing media and fertilizers for professional growers and the global horticultural industry. We focus on customer success by supporting professional growers with expert knowledge, efficient logistics and reliable products made of high-quality raw materials. To ensure high quality and reliability our excellent R&D department is equipped with technically advanced laboratories and test areas. We acknowledge the challenges the future offers in feeding a growing population with limited natural resources. With over a hundred years of experience we aim to be the forerunner in the horticultural food production chain and to be part of the solution to this global challenge.

Retail and Consumer

We want to spread the joy of growing for everyone. We produce packed substrates, fertilizers and roofing products for gardens, balconies and indoor plants. We work with manufacturers and retailers of garden products and inspire home gardeners with information and tips. Happiness is in the garden! Our goal is to have as many people as possible to experience the joy of growing and we want to be the best partner in growth.​


We offer in-depth advice, products and services for landscaping professionals. Our long experience in the production and sale of landscaping media ensures successful projects in both the Nordic countries and the Baltics as well as in Benelux. We promote a circular economy and the building of green spaces for citizens. Our range includes various high-quality landscaping substrates, soils and mulches, cover covers and security products. In addition, we tailor products to meet customer needs. We will be happy to assist you in designing, choosing the right products and building successfully a greener and more sustainable environment.

G&C Materials

Peat bog with stockpiles

Our customers can rely on a secured supply of sustainably produced quality horticultural raw material and animal bedding material by world’s largest horticultural peat producer with capability to grow in volumes. We ensure global supply of consistently quality products with blending possibilities from multiple locations in 3 countries with loading possibilities in 10 harbours.