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The Board of Directors has approved a Board Diversity Policy (Appendix 6) to set down the objectives and procedures of achieving appropriate diversity within the Board, thereby contributing to the effective functioning of the Board as a team.

When preparing its proposal to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Shareholders’ Nomination Board shall review the size and composition of the Board, in order to secure that the skills and competencies required to address the current and future needs of the company are reflected in the competences of the Board members. When considering the skills and competences of the Board members, the Shareholders’ Nomination Board shall consider, among other things, educational background, professional experience, age, gender, independence and availability. According to the Board charters, both genders shall be represented on the Board. The Shareholders’ Nomination Board shall do their utmost to find qualified candidates from both genders to the short list in the candidate selection process, and where two candidates are equally qualified, priority shall be given to the candidate of the under-represented gender.