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About us

In accordance with the Government Resolution on State Ownership Policy, the key criteria in proposing candidates for Board membership include experience and expertise, assurance of the capacity for cooperation and diversity of competence as well as compliance with the gender equality objectives established by the Government. The State ensures that both genders are adequately represented on the boards of directors of companies.

Board diversity assessment

The Board seeks to ensure that it maintains an appropriate balance of independence of judgment and diversity, including gender, to promote effective dialogue and challenge, and objective decision making. The Board also pays due regard to applicable regulatory requirements concerning diversity.

All Neova Board members have a Master’s degree in Economics or in Technology, some having several degrees. Professional experience of Board members is diverse having background both from listed and non-listed companies in various industries. Many have experience from international growth companies and transformations. Board members represent different expertise areas and have extensive leadership experience.

Both genders are represented on the Board. Tenure in the Board varies from less than three years to over five years.