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The Board of Directors is responsible for organising internal audit activities and preparing audit plans together with the CEO. The internal audit supports Neova Oy’s Board of Directors, the CEO and other senior management in carrying out their supervisory tasks. Internal audit services are purchased from an external service provider in the manner approved by the Board of Directors. Neova Group’s Chief Legal Officer controls and supervises the implementation of these services and is responsible for communicating with the Board of Directors, its Audit Committee and the senior management in matters related to the internal audit.

The internal audit:

  • Assesses the adequacy and efficiency of the control and supervision measures required to manage the organisation from the perspective of business targets and identified material business risks.
  • Supports the organisation in its efforts to maintain effective supervision and control measures.
  • Carries out audits that assess the reliability and integrity of business-critical financial and operational information, the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, safeguarding of assets and compliance with legislation, regulations, agreements and the organisation’s internal instructions.
  • Prevents risks of misconduct.

The aforementioned is implemented by providing assessment and assurance services independent of the business organisation’s management and by way of consulting in a manner that does not compromise independence.

The Chief Legal Officer and the external auditor performing the internal audit report to the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the senior management, in addition to preparing analyses, assessments and development recommendations on the operations of the Group and the Group companies.