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The task of the Personnel Committee is to prepare proposals to the Board of Directors regarding the remuneration and appointment of the CEO and rest of the Group Management Team as well as the company’s remuneration principles. The Personnel Committee also prepares the Remuneration Policy and Remuneration Report for the company’s governing bodies.

The Personnel Committee is comprised of a Chairman and three members appointed annually by the Board of Directors from among its members. The members shall have appropriate experience pertaining to the terms of employment and compensation systems of senior management. The majority of the members of the Personnel Committee shall be independent of the company. The CEO or management team members shall not be appointed to the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee meets when necessary. The Committee’s charter is attached (Appendix 4).

FY 2020 The Personnel Committee convened eight times during the financial year 2020. The members’ attendance in the committee meetings is shown in the table listing the members of the Board of Directors.

In its meetings, the Personnel Committee dealt with the management’s long-term and short-term remuneration as well as the individuals included in the management remuneration system and the general compensation of employees. The Personnel Committee further dealt with plans relating to development of company culture, leadership and personnel, more specifically e.g. competence development plans, personnel survey results and the impact of COVID-19 on the personnel.