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Neova Group’s biodiversity programme aims to increase biodiversity for example by restoring, re-wetting or afforestation 2,000 hectares during 2021-2025 in collaboration with local stakeholders.

Biodiversity can be increased by creating wetlands and mosaic-like variations in habitats, for example through afforestation, sphagnum growing and the creation of nesting sites for birds.

We have chosen selected peat production areas, where we want to showcase how we increase biodiversity by wetland creation. We will do the planning in collaboration with local stakeholders.


The table below shows the selected peat areas in the biodiversity program, their land uses and other measures to promote diversity.

Peat area nameMunicipalityHectaresWetlandForestrySphagnum
Bird nesting
SompanevaParkano, FI17X  X
SammalistonsuoRiihimäki, FI23XX
SatamakeidasKankaanpää, FI39X X
Haapasuo****Leivonmäki, FI107X X 
RopolansuoMikkeli, FI55X  
Komppasuo*Ii, FI120XXX 
KarhunsuoKouvola, FI20 X  
Lavassaare **Pärnu, EST1000X  
Norrbomuren***Gävleborg, SWE8XX
Ekebymossen***Kumla, SWE10X

FI=Finland, EST=Estonia, SWE= Sweden

* Neova peat area to EU funded  biodiversity project “Merlin”, consortium led by North Ostrobothnia, Syke and Tapio Oy.

** Biodiversity and restoration pilot in Lavassaare peat production area is part of a bigger EU project, called WaterLANDS.

*** Sphagnum growing projects together with peatland researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

**** Co-operation with Middle-Finland ELY-center part of Freshabit LIFE project funded by EU.

1.6.2022 News #biodiversity #sustainability

Neova will construct 2,000 hectares of new wetlands

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