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Neova Group is being developed as a workplace where objectives guide the activities and where everyone feels comfortable working. Our key targets for great workplace:

  • We improve GPTW Trust Index by 2% points per year to reach 78% by 2025.
  • We increase diversity and inclusiveness in our workplace by improving wellbeing and engagement index by 2% points per year to reach 82% by 2025.
  • We have engaging leaders and resilient employees by improving leadership index by 2% points to reach 65% by 2025 and learning together index by 2% points per year to reach 67% by 2025.
  • We are among the mostinspiring/attractive workplaces (GPTW top quartile in Europe) by 2030.

Sustainability is our backbone in leading people. To us, this means equity, the building of trust and interactive management. It also means addressing injustices and taking care of the employees. We have zero tolerance to inappropriate behaviour and discrimination.

We are devoted to developing the know-how of our personnel, and we educate the supervisors in matters relating to employee well-being, in addition to encouraging everyone to take care of their own health. We collect feedback regularly and use it to develop our operations and leadership. 

Engagement and wellbeing of our employees

Neova Group participated in the Great Place to Work personnel survey for the third time in 2021. As a result, Neova Group achieved Great Place to Work certification in three of its countries: Finland, Sweden and Estonia. According to the survey, our employee experience improved by two percentage points as our Trust Index measuring the employee experience this year was 70%. We aim for a result oriented, purpose-driven, and learning corporate culture.

Also, as part of this action plan, and also contributing to new social sustainability strategy, Neova Group will establish a volunteer programme during 2022. Programme gives all teams a possibility to participate into volunteer activity for one day each year.

Neova Group has an active team focusing on wellbeing at work. The team for example launches campaigns addressing stress management, acknowledging one’s colleagues, nature observation and cycling challenge.

Leadership development

Leadership as a Service, a nomination-based development programme was launched for the first time in autumn 2021. Aim for the programme was to increase understanding of and contribute to Neova Group strategy, create a forum for Neova Group top management and nominated participants for active dialogue of topical strategic themes. And to support individual growth through mentoring and co-creation.

In 2022 Great Workplace focus will be in continuing our leadership development added by some new modules for all line managers, reviewing Group HR policies and guidelines to ensure diversity, inclusiveness and equality are clearly enough taken into account in all our people processes and leadership practices. We will continue to focus on wellbeing of our employees through working conditions, volunteering program, and increasing cultural awareness.