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EUR 150 million syndicated loan facility for Neova Oy

Neova Oy has agreed on a EUR 150 million loan facility, including EUR 75 million term loan and EUR 75 million revolving credit facility. The financing banks are Nordea Bank Abp, OP Corporate Bank Ltd and Danske Bank A/S. The loan facility is for three years.

Neova Oy will have EUR 100 million bond maturing in October 2024, and the above-mentioned loan arrangement is for preparing the repayment of the bond. The loan facility will also ensure liquidity in the coming years.

Further information:

  • Hannu Nyman, CFO, Neova, tel. +358 50 306 9913
  • Erik Nieminen, Director, Neova Group Treasury, Neova, tel. +358 40 553 6168