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Our ambitious target is to halve the carbon dioxide emissions of our operations in Finland by the year 2025, without compensation. So far  we have reduced them by 18%.

We are focusing on our Finnish operations as in 2018 they accounted to over 80% of Neova Group’s total emissions.

Our emissions reduction efforts will focus on  implementing effective next land use for closed peat production areas. Approximately 64% of Neova Group’s emissions in Finland are soil emissions. Although it is expected that the demand in other sectors than energy peat will increase, we can reduce the area used for peat production so that our soil emissions will account for less than 50% of our total emissions in five years.

Other key actions:

  • Conducting life cycle assessment (LCA) for growing media products
    as well as our new peat based activated carbons product.
  • Increasing energy efficiency in our factories and production sites
  • Regular evaluation of options to increase carbons sinks utilizing our
    land assets.
  • Pilot for an alternative horticultural peat harvesting technique using peat mass transfer method, target to reduce CO2 emissions by 33% per m3 of produced peat.
  • Seeking for emission reductions in logistics.