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Our target is to progress towards our zero-waste by 2030 goal by increasing material efficiency, utilizing recycled materials in our operations, and implementing efficient recycling of our waste streams.

We are currently focusing on our main waste streams from our own operations including recycling ash from our pellet plants as fertilizer or landscaping material as well as increasing the use of recycled packaging materials in Kekkilä-BVB to 80% by 2025. In peat operations, we continue to focus in recycling the plastics used to cover the peat stockpiles.

Other key actions:

  • Making growing media of composted waste streams (e.g. grass, leaves, vegetable stems).
  • Piloting new ways to reduce plastic waste in peat production as well as packing materials.
  • Refinery R&D program (2020–2022) to speed up the development of high value-added products from organic wetland biomass and other bio-based raw-materials.