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Neova renews the Group’s Management Team

In managing the group, Neova has moved to an organizational model where daily business decisions are made in the management teams of the divisions, i.e. Kekkilä-BVB and Neova Terra. For this reason, the composition and tasks of the Neova Group’s management group, i.e. the Group Management Team (GMT), will be renewed starting 1.5.2024. The new GMT is responsible for the group’s financial reporting and financing, the group’s risk management, the group’s HR policies, the group’s IT projects, projects, group-level raw material issues, large investments, legal compliance and the preparation of board and supervisory board materials. Pekka Tennilä is the chairman of GMT and its members are Deputy CEO Markus Tykkyläinen, CFO of Neova Oy Hannu Nyman and Chief Legal Officer of Neova Oy Johan Nybergh. GMT is supported by Jenni Nevasalo in HR matters, Jukka Holm in ICT matters and Ahti Martikainen in sustainability and communication matters.