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Petri Järvinen will move to new positions outside the Neova Group

Petri Järvinen, Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer at Neova (formerly Vapo), who has worked in the management team since 2018, will move outside the Group on 31 March 2024 to new responsibilities. Järvinen has been responsible for managing the Group’s ordering and supply chain as well as the Group’s responsibility for sustainability, quality, and occupational safety. Järvinen’s successor will not be sought, but his tasks will be decentralised during the spring, mainly to the business areas.

“I would like to thank Petr in particular for his systematic work, which has enabled Neova to reach a completely different level in areas such as ordering and supply chain efficiency, sustainability and sustainability reporting, and occupational safety. I wish him the best of success in his new challenges”, says Pekka Tennilä, CEO of Neova.

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of the very significant transformation of the Neova Group over the past six years. I am very proud of what we as the SCM team have achieved during this time”, Petri Järvinen says.