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Swedish Vapo subsidiary Neova AB to deliver a carbon-neutral energy solution to a cluster of food industry companies

Providing energy with guarantees of origin to a cluster of food industry companies

According to the agreement, Neova will start providing energy to Foodhills Fastighet in the autumn of 2019. Foodhills Fastighet will subsequently move to purely renewable district heating.

“Foodhills Fastighet wants to promote sustainability across the food industry, which is why we chose to partner with Neova. A well-known and reputable company, Neova is committed to renewable energy solutions. Together we can provide a more responsible working environment for the region’s food industry companies,” says Foodhills Fastighet CEO Mikael Halling.

“This is an important first step in implementing our new strategy in Sweden. With this shift, we’re increasingly becoming a provider of customised energy solutions across the energy value chain,” says Teemu Klingberg, Director of Vapo Energy Solutions and Service Sales.

“It is important for Foodhills to build a reputation as a driver of the circular economy and sustainable production. Our energy solution, based on renewable local fuels, will save costs for our customers, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It supports the strategies of our customer, Foodhills, as well as those of Neova and Vapo, in all the best ways possible,” Klingberg explains.

More information:

Teemu Klingberg, Director, Energy Solutions and Service Sales, Vapo, phone +358 50 317 1448

The Vapo Energy Division provides advanced industrial and municipal infrastructure solutions as well as renewable energy solutions in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Neova AB is a Swedish Vapo subsidiary specialized in energy solutions. Neova is a major provider of bio energy and peat production in the Swedish market. The company also provides heating solutions through its district heating network and approximately 40 heat production plants across Sweden.