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Vapo Carbons selects Sweco as its design partner

Vapo Carbons is progressing towards an investment decision as planned. Vapo has selected Sweco Industry Oy as its design partner to plan the technical implementation of its production facility in more detail.

The basic design phase includes preparatory work on the production plant’s environmental permit, planning the technical implementation of the production process, the plant’s integration in the selected municipalities and producing a more accurate cost estimate to support the investment decision. The design work will also focus on the plant’s energy efficiency, minimising environmental impacts and safety risks, and fulfilling the high quality standards of the plant’s main products. The potential locations being considered are Haapavesi, Ilomantsi and Seinäjoki.

The production plant will consist of an energy unit that generates heat for the process and the actual manufacturing process. The planned production facility would use approximately 500 000 cubic metres of peat per year. The total value of the investment, including the energy production plant, is approximately EUR 50 million. If necessary, the production plant may be integrated with an existing energy production plant or other industrial environment.

In addition to the technical design work, Vapo will continue to conduct customer and market surveys for technical carbon, as well as technical follow-up studies on end products and assessments of financing options.

The investment decision on the construction of the first production plant is estimated to be made by the end of 2017. If the decision is made to invest in the plant and its construction begins in the first half of 2018, production operations at the plant can begin in 2019.

“I’m delighted by how favourably this project has been received by the municipalities under consideration. We have also been contacted by many other potential partners. The municipalities under consideration have been particularly enthusiastic about the permanent jobs this project would create,” says Business Area Director Mia Suominen. “I am especially pleased by the fact that our discussions with the environmental authorities have been characterised by a good level of mutual understanding,” Suominen adds.

More information:
Mia Suominen, Business Area Director, Vapo Ventures, tel. +358 (0)40 8483 148
– Ahti Martikainen, Director, Communications and Public Affairs, Vapo Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 6804 723