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Helen Nikkarev in Estonia wins Vapo Environmental Award

The Vapo Board of Directors has presented the 2008 Environmental Award to the environmental specialist Helen Nikkarev from Estonia. The Award is for Nikkarev’s work in developing the environmental issues at Tootsi Turvas AS.
One of Helen Nikkarev’s projects was implementation of the drying and water purification systems at the Lavassaar peat production area. The project is one of the first in the area of water pollution control in peat production, and it has brought positive publicity for Tootsi Turvas.
Since 1990, the Vapo Environmental Award has been given to persons who have excelled in environmental management. The Award is 3,000 euros, and it may be presented either to a Vapo employee or a subcontractor. The primary intention is to provide motivation for practical environmental work and to act as an example to other Vapo staff or subcontractors.
The Award is granted for developing or inventing a new important solution or some other environmental issue, or a measure that furthers environmental awareness and is of wider significance for the company.

More information: Pirkko Selin, Environmental Director, tel +358 (0)20 790 5752