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Neova and Lantmännen Agroenergi to create Sweden’s leading company in wood pellet solutions

The merged company will have an annual turnover of around one billion Swedish kronor and 160 employees. The company will continue to market its products under the same brands as before – namely Neova Pellets, Agrol and Agroenergi. The company will be the market leader in Sweden and a strong competitor in the Baltic region which offers substantial growth potential.  Demand for processed solid biofuels is expected to rise sharply in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

“In order to meet exacting customer demands, we need to continue to lead the way in product and services development and offer the most reliable products on the market. The merged company will be in an even better position to meet future market challenges and create a platform for continued development of our value proposition to our customers,” says Torbjörn Claesson, CEO Neova.

“Together, we will create a competitive company with big opportunities. Our customers will gain an even better proposition from a sustainability perspective – for example, we will be able to optimise our logistics in an even better way than now,” says Lantmännen Energi Sector Manager Carl von Schantz.

Andreas Green, MD of Lantmännen Agroenergi, will head the merged company from its head office in Jönköping, Sweden.

“I am really looking forward to leading the development of the new company and between us, we are going to further develop and improve both our customer offer and our efficiency,” says prospective MD Andreas Green.

The company will take the form of a joint venture with Neova and Lantmännen each having a 50% stake.  The merger is expected to be completed in the first six months of 2014 following approval by the competition commissions concerned.

For more information, please contact:
– Torbjörn Claesson, CEO Neova tel: +46 703 734 802                      
– Carl von Schantz, Sector Manager Lantmännen Energi tel: +46 761 358 688
– Andreas Green, MD Lantmännen Agroenergi tel: +46 705 925 897 

About Neova
Neova is one of the leading bioenergy companies in Scandinavia with a turnover of 1.1 billion Swedish kronor in 2012. The company is part of the Finnish Vapo Group, one of the world’s largest producers of bioenergy with a turnover of over 6.3 billion Swedish kronor. With a product range of pellets, peat and wood, district heating and heating production, Neova meets a significant part of the Swedish market’s bioenergy needs. For more information, please visit: www.neova.se

About Lantmännen/Energy Sector
Lantmännen is one of the largest groups in agriculture, machinery, energy and food in the Nordic region. Our brands include AXA, Kungsörnen, GoGreen, Hatting, Schulstad and Gooh. We are owned by 33,500 Swedish farmers, have approximately 8,600 employees, are represented in 22 countries, and have a turnover of SEK 33 billion. Our company is firmly rooted in the knowledge and values possessed by our owners for generations. As our entire chain spans research, development and production, we are able to take responsibility from field to fork. Read more at: http://www.lantmannen.com/