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Nevel’s partnership with Kamstrup helping to take municipal infrastructure to the next level through smart metering

Nevel, a company focusing on advanced industrial and municipal infrastructure solutions, is broadening its partnership with Danish smart-metering provider Kamstrup to roll out intelligent remote metering solutions to all its district heating networks in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Following a successful pilot at Nevel’s Petäjävesi district heating network, which serves approximately 70 customers including households and municipal and industrial customers in central Finland, smart metering based on Kamstrup’s technology and systems will now be made available to all the company’s district heating customers.

Smart metering enables the switch to hourly readings, providing customers with better visibility on their energy consumption, with access to individual energy consumption data through an online customer portal. This data will help them to identify opportunities to further cut consumption. As part of this change, customers will also benefit from hassle-free e-invoicing.

“Smart metering adds even greater intelligence to how we produce heat and optimise delivery to our customers”, says Clas Blomberg, Director Municipal infrastructure business, Nevel. “This intelligent digital solution allows more and better data to be gathered to support better optimisation of heat delivery to customers, particularly during peak demand periods in the morning and evening. With this data at our fingertips we can improve our knowledge of network consumption patterns and ensure that customers have access to the right amount of heat at the right time.”

“With smart digital solutions like this we want to smooth the path towards optimised energy use, enable more sustainable energy production for district-heating customers and help municipal networks improve their environmental performance,” concludes Blomberg.

Peter Kontturi, Sales Engineer, from Kamstrup agrees. “Kamstrup and Nevel have been cooperating for a long time and together the companies have identified a technical solution that provides economies of scale in various markets. Instead of individual local solutions, a cloud service is in use, providing a future-proof solution and the chance to optimise the network, which brings benefits such as reduced emissions and improved sustainability.”

For more information:

Clas Blomberg, Director Municipal infrastructure, Nevel, +358 40 559 0772
Hanna Viita, Marketing and Communications, Nevel, +358 40 167 1755

About Nevel

Nevel is an advanced infrastructure company, committed to taking industrial and municipal infrastructure solutions to the next level. The company operates more than 130 energy production sites and manages over 40 district heating networks with the most sophisticated digital platform in the industry. Nevel employs 130 experts in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The company’s turnover is EUR 100 million. Nevel is wholly owned by Vapo Group.

About Kamstrup

Kamstrup provides smart metering solutions for energy and water. From intelligent meters and remote reading systems to analytics and services, the company delivers high-quality solutions for utilities, property managers and other companies who depend on reliable consumption data.