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Vapo focuses on development of bio energy business

Vapo keeps on developing the bio energy businesses. The peat production has already for a long time based on cooperation with contractors in Finland and Estonia. The operation and maintenance of the pellet factories and heating plants, and partly the maintenance of power plants as well as constructing of pellet heating plants will be passed to Maintpartner Oy and ISS Palvelut Oy.

The outsourcing will be executed as a transfer of the business. It affects 100 blue-collar workers, white-collar workers and managerial employees in the facilities and factories in question. They will transfer to the new employer with old terms of employment. The aim of this action is to supply better service to the customers, to intensify the operative functions and to get synergy benefits.

For the personnel the transfer of a business means entering into service companies, whose main businesses consists of operative functions, service and maintenance.

Vapo runs in Finland several pellet factories producing domestic bio energy fuels, and power and heating plants and pellet heat factories using domestic bio fuels.

The demand for bio fuels has strongly increased. There is a special interest in changing over from oil to pellets. The outsourcing of the operations and maintenance enables a quicker growth of business.

The transfer of the business will be implemented on the 15th January 2010. The transfer of the duties and responsibilities will continue in certain degree the whole year. The outsourcing has no immediate effect on the other personnel of Vapo Oy.
Further information:
– Vapo Oy: Director Pasi Koivisto (Production), Tel. +358 40 848 6541
– ISS Palvelut Oy: Director Jussi Snällström (Customer Solutions), Tel. +358 40 352 3025
– Maintpartner Oy: Deputy Managing Director Juha Lepikko, Tel. +358 50 453 2035


Vapo Oy is the leading supplier of local and renewable fuels, bioelectricity and bio heat, and environmental business solutions in the Baltic Sea Region. The Group has five business areas: Local Fuels, Heat and Power, Pellets, Garden and Environment and Vapo Timber Oy. The turnover in 2008 was 613.8 Mill. euro. The Group had 1780 employees. The parent company Vapo Oy is owned by the Finnish State (50.1 per cent) and Suomen Energiavarat Oy (49.9 per cent). Read more: www.vapo.fi
ISS Palvelut Oy produces property and office premises services for the public sector and business enterprises. The services include building, cleaning, property maintenance, catering, office work, security and technical services. ISS employs more than 12 000 experts and the service complex covers the whole country. The turnover in 2008 was 472 Mill. euro. ISS Palvelut Oy forms a part of the international ISS Group. Read more: www.iss.fi.

Maintpartner Oy is the leading supplier of operation, maintenance and project services in the Nordic countries. The amount of the employees is about 1300 and the turnover about 115 Mill. euro. The main market areas of Maintpartner are Finland and Sweden. Maintpartner is a company owned by the management and  foundations administrated by CapMan. Read more: www.maintpartner.fi.