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Vapo withdraws from its ownership in Anaika Components

Vapo Timber Oy which is responsible for Vapo’s sawmill industry has today sold its one third share of Anaika Components Ltd Oy to Anaika Wood Ltd Oy.

Vapo took part in the foundation of Anaika Components located near the Vapo’s Kevätniemi sawmill in Lieksa in 1999. Anaika Components soon developed into one of Finland’s largest timber processing companies and a significant employer in North Karelia where the operations have expanded to Kiihtelysvaara near Joensuu, Eastern Finland.  Now Anaika has reached a stage in its development where Vapo can give up its ownership. Due to its favourable location Anaika Components will continue as an important timber processing partner for the Vapo Timber’s Nurmes and Lieksa sawmills.
For more information, please contact:
– CEO Juha Hakala, tel.+358 40 585 2332, Vapo Timber Oy
– CEO Markku Maukonen, tel. +358 400 190 062, Anaika Wood Ltd Oy
Vapo Timber Oy is one of the largest companies in the European sawmill industry. The company has four sawmills in Finland: in Hankasalmi, Kevätniemi in Lieksa, Nurmes, and Peuravuono in Ivalo. The turnover of Vapo Timber is approximately €150 million, and the company employs 220 people. The company’s total sawn timber and processed product capacity is 750,000 cubic metres. Vapo Timber is a subsidiary in sole ownership of Vapo Oy.
Anaika Wood Ltd Oy is a Finnish sawmill company operating in Lieksa. The Lieksa unit uses strong, high-quality small softwood timber grown in the region as raw material for its products. The Soinlahti Sawmill in Iisalmi processes spruce and pine beams from the North Savo area. The wood materials are processed to produce sawn timber, planed timber, and raw materials for the company’s own gluelam timber industry. Anaika Wood Ltd Oy’s clients include Japanese and European manufacturers of prefabricated houses, building companies, and DIY chains. Most of the products are exported through Anaika Components Ltd Oy’s processing plants.
Anaika Components Ltd Oy is a major Finnish wood processing company, using good quality pine originating from Karelia and spruce from Central Finland. The company’s processing plants, two gluelam beam manufacturing plants and a planing mill, are located close to the areas where the raw material is harvested, in Lieksa and Kiihtelysvaara near Joensuu, Eastern Finland. The company’s sawmill in Toivakka is specialised in planing large spruce logs, chiefly for export to the Northern Japanese market.