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Vapo’s Environmental Award 2009 for bird and game husbandry

Board of Directors of Vapo Oy has decided to grant the annual Environmental Award 2009 to the Satamakeidas team due to their work for the bird and game husbandry. The members of the team are the production and service advisors Erkki Kivilammi and Hannu Järvelä as well as contractors Arto Mattila and Kari Varis.

The Satamakeidas team has operated a few years with after-use in south-western Finland. They have built new bird sanctuaries, and on Vapo’s peat production fields made a lot of bird boxes for the bird sanctuaries, organized game management and built by voluntary work a bird tower at Satamakeidas. The Satamakeidas team reclaimed recycling material and used own machines for building the bird tower. 

These operations have increased the positive feedback from local people and media as well as from bird watchers. The team has presented peat production, after-use and Vapo cooperation with contractors to many visitors at Satamakeidas bird tower.

Vapo Oy has granted the award to a person showing excellence in handling environmental matters ever since 1990.

Congratulations to the Satamakeidas team!

More information:

  • Environmental Director Pirkko Selin, phone +358 400 537 754