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Neova Group’s sustainability – part of daily operations 

Neova Group´s sustainability is integrated into day-to-day operations. Annually, we report on our sustainability for each calendar year.

Neova Group’s sustainability reporting is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which is the world’s most widely used responsibility reporting framework. We report on the economic, environmental and social impacts of our operations in accordance with the GRI Standards core scope.

Reporting is based on a materiality analysis that was used to determine the views of our stakeholders and the company itself regarding the most material corporate responsibility topics related to the company’s operations.

Sustainability aim, objectives and long-term goals renewed

Ssustainability is in the core of  Neova Group’s strategy and purpose. Work on sustainability has been under continuous development throughout 2020 and integral part of the development of Neova Group’s businesses.

Neova Group´s sustainability objectives and long-term goals were renewed in summer 2019 and two focus areas were chosen: we take care of the environment and we take care of the wellbeing of our employees. Sustainability strategies and roadmaps have been defined for each business in line with customer needs and guided also by the UN´s  Sustainable development Goals.

Our sustainability aim is to make us a net positive company by considering the impact of our operations, products and services on environment, health, society and knowledge.

Vapo Group´s Sustainability Report 2020


Neova Group´s Corporate Responsibility Policy


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