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Sustainability guides our business


Our sustainability goal is to become a net positive company. Being net positive means that we contribute more to the world than we take from it. Continuous renewal is our resource. We are committed to continuously improving our operations and developing our environmental work. We want to be a responsible actor wherever we are present.

Sustainability is in the core of our goup’s strategy and purpose. We are engaged in an ongoing and open dialogue with various stakeholders and we report on sustainability issues applying international GRI standards.

Our goup’s sustainability objectives and long-term goals focus on two areas: we take care of the environment and we take care of the wellbeing of our employees. Sustainability strategies and roadmaps are in place and systematically executed for each business in line with customer needs and guided also by the UN Sustaina-
ble Development Goals.

For us, sustainability is not a competition. We are happy to share our expertise in the area of green growth and collaborate with various research institutes and leading companies around the world. Saving the world is a team sport. One goal at a time.




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