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Stakeholder engagement is vital

Our stakeholder engagement starts at the local level and extends all the way to international activities across national boundaries.

Continuous dialogue, feedback and on-going cooperation are the key methods for promoting mutual understanding between stakeholders and us. We aim to build networks with important parties as well as regularly collect and share information that is relevant to the Group’s business and customers. Feedback from stakeholders is one of the inputs considered in the development of products and services, and it also influences how the company operates. We also monitor and evaluate public discussion.

The significance of international cooperation is constantly growing in response to the internationalisation of markets, research and regulation.

One cooperation network that is significant from the perspective of corporate responsibility is the FIBS corporate  responsibility network, of which we are a member.

The Group also cooperates with advocacy groups related to its industries, including the following:

  • The Bioenergy Association of Finland
  • Finnish Forest Industries
  • Finnish Energy Industries
  • The Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • EPE (Energy Peat Europe)
  • AEBIOM (European Biomass Association)
  • Growing Media Europe
  • IPS (International Peat Society) and its Finnish branch, the Finnish Peatland Society
  • Foundation for Responsibly Produced Peat
  • International Blueberry Organisation IBO

We are also a member of the following organisations:

  • The Thousand Lakes Enterprise Agency
  • The Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) forum
  • The Finnish Quality Association
  • Zero Accidents forum
  • Finnish association for biological waste treatment
  • Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA)

We are also represented on several permanent working groups and stakeholder bodies established by the public authorities, such as:

  • The Joint Working Group for the National Coordination of Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation in Peat Production set by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment
  • The regional joint working groups on water treatment coordinated by Centres for Economic Development,Transport and the Environment
  • The Energy Supply Sector and the Domestic Fuels Department under the National Emergency Supply Agency

And in Sweden also:

  • Swedish Peat Association
  • IKEM - Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden
  • Avfall Sverige - the Swedish Waste Management Association

In Estonia:

  • Estonian Peat Association
  • Eesti Kaugküteühing - Estonian District Heating Association
  • Estonian Biofuel Association



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